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June 10, 2015

I am posting this recommendation for Gilsdorf Law, LLC and for Mary Jo Gilsdorf, Esquire.  Recently WCCS LLC, my consulting firm negotiated a large contract for commercial technology center development in Delaware for Program and Project Management pre-development and pre-construction services.

I had a professional service agreement (PSA) that was outdated and did not, as I found out through Gilsdorf Law LLC's attention to detail, offer my firm with sufficient safeguards in more than a few areas of contract law, insurance coverage and general liability exposures.

Mary Jo did an excellent job of re-crafting my firm's old Professional Services Agreement to better protect the firm. She accomplished this word-smithing of the agreement adding to its substance while not changing the style and format of the old form so that old clients would still be comfortable with my PSA agreement now in a much more robust format.

Furthermore, as a result of this effort which Mary Jo conducted in an expedited yet economical manner, WCCS LLC now has a new standard PSA agreement which both old and new clients understand and accept well.

Thank you to the Gilsdorf Law LLC firm and to Mary Jo for the personal, effective and efficient manner in which legal services were rendered to my firm.

Steve Williamson
President & Principal Consultant 

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