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Contractors are in the business of building. Gilsdorf Law LLC recognizes this and appreciates the need for efficiency in cost and the necessity for timely response.  For this reason, Gilsdorf Law LLC takes a proactive approach to advise clients on ways to prevent claims and disputes and to provide practical and pragmatic advice for the fast-paced construction industry.  Gilsdorf Law LLC can be your “outside in-house counsel” at the ready to assist your company with contracts, cost entitlement issues, claim analysis and development and other matters which would benefit from the perspective of a seasoned construction professional.

The management of risk in construction is not limited to insurance coverage but also encompasses the sharing of risk among the parties in the best positions to manage the risk.  The primary vehicle to manage the construction risk is through the relationships established in the contract language which defines the responsibilities of the various parties in funding, design, establishing the quality and scope of work, carrying out the construction in a safe and cost efficient manner and protecting those various interests through indemnification and insurance coverage.  Delivery of a project on time and within budget without claims is a goal for all concerned.  Gilsdorf Law, LLC can provide the support you need to meet these objectives as your construction law firm.

Mary Jo Gilsdorf has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating construction contracts to meet the needs of her clients.  She has worked with all forms of construction contracts such as GMP, Design- Build, Design, and Cost Plus at various tiers: Owner, Designer, consultant, Construction Manager, Contractor, Subcontractor, Supplier.  Mary Jo Gilsdorf can review and provide insight on the insurance needs of your company as well as the needs of the project itself.  In construction, claims seem inevitable.  Mary Jo Gilsdorf is well-versed and practiced in claim management and document controls.  She has developed claims and disputes involving cost entitlement, delay, Building Information Modeling ("BIM"), design, construction defects, bonds and other performance and payment issues.



Construction is an industry that is filled with risk at every level. Gilsdorf Law, LLC appreciates that each party in the process wants to make money and keep the money they make by managing the risks they take.

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The term "Dispute Resolution" or "ADR"  applies to alternate methods to resolve legal disputes in more cost effective and timely manner than traditional litigation.   It can take many forms and is flexible  as the parties themselves can choose the best methods and procedures to use to settle a case.  Almost any subject matter is an potential candidate for alternative dispute resolution.  Contractual in nature, ADR can be customized to suit the parties needs.  ADR is also more private than litigation because the filings are not part of a public court record.

Whether as a Mediator or Arbitrator, Gilsdorf Law, LLC has the skill and experience to facilitate prompt and cost effective resolution to claims whether they arise during the construction process or involve other subject matter such as commercial disputes, landlord tenant disputes, real estate matters, personal injury,  property damage or other commercial matters. 

Mary Jo Gilsdorf, Esq. has successfully mediated over thirty cases in the past two years.  She is known for her tenacity and understanding of each participant's position which enables her to see through the issues and develop a mutually agreeable settlement of the dispute.  Not afraid to be creative or look at the matter from different perspectives, Mary Jo's unique approach towards developing a workable solution has resulted in substantial savings for claimants over more costly and involved litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Any dispute headed for arbitration or litigation is a prime candidate for mediation where the potential for resolution can be determined prior to the parties incurring unnecessary expense.

As a Mediator, Mary Jo Gilsdorf  is available to facilitate settlement of disputes on a fair and impartial basis.  In her approach, she seeks to  understand and appreciate each participant's perspective and bring that understanding to the other parties in the process.  In this way, common ground can be established as a foundation for resolution and settlement.  In the construction context, she appreciates the roles of Owner, Architect, Contractor and Subcontractor and the division of responsibility and risk among the key parties in any construction project aids in reaching consensus and agreement. 

She is on several mediation panels including the American Arbitration Association Roster of Mediators, the New Jersey Superior Court Panel of Mediators, Chester County Bar Association Mediators Panel,  Delaware County Legal Fee Dispute Mediators Panel and the Suburban West REALTORS (R)  Association Panel of Mediators.  Mary Jo Gilsdorf also offers private mediation services in a confidential setting.

In construction, whenever a claim or dispute concerning the scope of work, time or cost can’t be resolved on a timely basis, the intercession of an Independent Neutral assigned to the project or an ad hoc Mediator, can facilitate resolution and decrease schedule impact.

As an Arbitrator, Mary Jo Gilsdorf devotes her full focus and attention on the issues at hand.  Perceptive and intelligent, she examines the issues presented and weighs the evidence against her background.  She balances the demands of due process with the goals of cost and time efficiency.  While providing the parties flexibility on approach and open to their input on procedural matters, one of her goals is to keep transaction costs in line with the size and degree of complexity of the suit.

While Mary Jo Gilsdorf has served as an Arbitrator on several types of commercial matters, her prior construction industry experience as in-house counsel and a cost engineer at a major regional construction management firm gives her practical and insightful industry knowledge.  She has encountered and worked through numerous issues on cost, entitlement, workmanship  and design.   She has experience and knowledge on how to read blueprints, do estimates, prepare bids and proposals and understands the various means and methods of the trades.   Mary Jo Gilsdorf has acquired a keen understanding of the roles and repsonsibilities of the various parties in a construction dispute because her positions were with a construction management firm - in between the Owner/ Developer / Design and Subcontractor tiers.   With over fourteen years of evaluating costs and claims and managaing disputes while working within the industry, she has a solid background supporting her ability to be an effective and fair arbitrator. 

Mary Jo Gilsdorf, Esq., serves as an Arbitrator on several panels as well as in a private context.   In conjunction with the AMerican Arbitration Association, she is a panel member of the Commercial, Construction, Fixed Time and Cost Panels.  She serves as an Arbitrator  in Delaware and Chester County, PA Court of Common Pleas as well as with New Jersey Superior Court for some counties, on a variety of cases ranging from breach of contract and payment, commercial and consumer lending, landlord tenant, personal injury and automobile negligence cases  Ms. Gilsdorf is available for expedited hearings as well as single and multiple panel member assignments.

From her construction related experience, Mary Jo Gilsdorf sees tremendous value in having a dedicated "Go-To"  Independent Project Neutral to assist in the resolution of disputes during the construction process on large projects.  An Independent Project Neutral can provide value-added services to resolve cost issues in a timely manner during the construction process itself and in that way, avoid schedule impacts and increase budget and schedule predictability in the process.   As an Independent Neutral, Mary Jo Gilsdorf can be retained as an consultant for involvement as disputes arise or as an integral part of the construction team offering objective third party perspective on issues on a real time basis.  Her experience as a cost engineer and her knowledge of the construction industry provide valuable insights and tools in managing the claim process. 

The construction process is multifaceted and interconnected in all of its parts.  The smoother that communication and decision-making processes run, the greater the potential profit margins for all concerned.  Coming from a hands-on construction management background with experience in estimating, safety, project management, cost engineering and as in-house counsel, Mary Jo Gilsdorf understands the many aspects of construction and can bring this to the table for prompt and practical results.